Strings Program


 There is geometry in the humming of the strings; there is music in the spacing of the celestial spheres.” Pythagoras

 The String Program was initiated by the Parent Group in 2012 and parents organised the set up and the finances. In 2014 the school integrated the String Program as a subject in the school curriculum.

All students in class 3 start playing the violin or the cello. This decision is made in consultation with parents, the class teacher and the strings teachers. The tuition is included in the school fees and instruments can be hired from school. The hire cost for cello is higher. Students have weekly small group lessons on their instrument of choice. Children may swap ONCE from one to another, depending on timing/space/instrument availability and class teacher’s agreement. In class 4 they start playing in their class group ensemble once per week.

At this early stage the students are introduced to the new instrument similar to the introduction of the recorder in class one. They learn the posture for playing the instrument, bowing and the fingering; they develop their listening ear. After they have been introduced to music theory they bring their new skills into practise, reading music the teacher chooses for them.

From class 5 the students continue their lessons and play in the Middle School ensemble.

From class 6 a child may drop cello/violin so long as they have either 1) proficiency in another instrument that allows them to participate in ensemble 2) undertakes lessons for one year in the new instrument so as to be able to play in ensemble 3) taken up an instrument that a teacher at school can accommodate, or otherwise pay for lessons outside of school hours. Each child’s request must be brought to College and will be considered on a case by case basis.

If a child wishes to learn an additional instrument, that’s it is up to the individual strings teacher to accommodate this outside of regular school hours, and lessons find time before or after school and must be paid privately funded by the parents.

At most festivals the string ensemble plays and the parents are delighted to hear the beautiful music that is created while the younger students are inspired to start on their journey to learn a string instrument.

The strings ensemble features at most of the seasonal festivals at Rainbow Ridge Steiner School.  Parents are delighted to hear the beautiful music created, and younger children are inspired to start their own musical journey.