History and Development of Rainbow Ridge School

Rainbow Ridge School was founded in 1996 to provide a universal education based on Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy for the education and development of the child.

Rainbow Ridge School was established as a public, not for profit, company limited by a guarantee.

The school was formed by an enthusiastic parent group who sought the best quality education for their children. Our vision statement reflects the schools strength of purpose:

“Rainbow Ridge School will offer a universal education in balance and harmony with the environment, embracing Rudolf Steiner’s philosophies and growing with the changing needs of time”.

The school began with classes K-4 in 1996 and each year another class was added.  In January 2001 the school was registered for stages 1-4 (K-8) and this has continued depending on student enrollments.  Currently we have thriving class numbers from Kindergarten to class 8.

The College of Teachers consists of teaching staff that are responsible for the educational and cultural aspects of the school. The Board of Directors represents the organisation; it is the Governance body of the school. It makes decisions concerning the finances and general business of the school. A new Board is elected once a year at the Annual General Meeting. The Memorandum and Articles of Association determine the structure of the school. The college and board worked hand in hand to support the growth of the school in a constructive way.  From 2012 the school went through a restructuring.  With growing compliance demands the school needed a different management structure. First the Executive was introduced with the Schools Facilitator and the Chair of the College   making day to day decisions. Through workshops involving staff members and the Board and Facilitation from the outside the School created a new management structure with a Business Administrator and an Educational Administrator working closely with the College of teachers in the shared leadership roles of the school. The Executive committee exists with BA and EA managing the running of the school with support of a finance facilitator and senior office staff.

In 2017 Rainbow Ridge School celebrated its 21 Birthday. This year marked a great leap of enrollments and a new chapter in the life of the school has begun.