School Community

The Rainbow Ridge School community consists of dedicated parents, teachers and friends, many of whom helped to build the school. Parents volunteer their time where possible to help the school function well.

In the changing economic times parents have been less available and more and more tasks have become paid positions. Parents are encouraged and welcomed to be involved in their children’s education. This can happen in different ways: supporting gardening classes, bringing in practical, creative skills and expertise to enhance our craft/technical lessons, becoming a reading buddy to a child, supporting teachers on excursions and camps if required and helping out in the kitchen, just to give some examples.

The school has sound policies on environmental issues. We compost and recycle rubbish, use composting toilets based on the ‘Clivus Minimus’ design, have rainwater tanks with ultraviolet water filters installed and have a stand alone solar power system.

Our gardens use biodynamic agricultural practices in the development and maintenance of the school grounds.

Our respect and reverence for all life and our natural environment is integral to our children’s education.

Each term we come together to jointly celebrate the seasonal festivals.