Class 5

The students are turning 11 years old in class 5. They are coming to the threshold between the light of childhood and the relative ‘darkness’ of adolescence, which is also sometimes called the ‘twilight of innocence’.

The quality of teaching needs to reflect the essence of the historical Greek culture with the elements of beauty and logic as equally important.

The generative impulse is the Greek world. Stories bring the Gods, architecture and the devotion to the physical body to the eleven year old child. The student is beginning to develop an understanding of time and space, body image and to take on individual tasks and research.

Logic and reason are emerging elements beside the guiding authority, which always have to be brought to the student imbued with beauty and based on truth.

The 11 year old child becomes capable of a new objectivity and it is healthy to allow the beginning of questioning of authority.


The historical content taught is an overview of the Ancient cultures. In class 5 the emphasis is on Ancient Greece. The students will learn about Australian history, looking at the lives of Aboriginal people and their history. A part of English Language and Literacy in this year is doing dictations, having a focus on eloquence,  the use a dictionary and to learn about the history of English.

Science/Home Surroundings/ Geography

Studying Ancient Cultures includes Geography of India, Persia, Egypt and Greece and the History of Science. As part of Australian History the students learn about the Geography of the Region and State. The emphasis in Science is on Botany.

Math/Form Drawing/Geometry

The students are introduced to Decimals and continue with Fractions. In Geometry the students receive a compass and straight edge and learn to construct geometrical shapes.


The visual arts include watercolour painting and 3D carving.The performing arts teaches dance, choir, mime and pantomime. Link Music


Craft includes pottery, clothes design and papier mache. Kiln firing and book binding. Students will investigate technology of Ancient Civilisations. They will use and make tools like a straight edge to be used in their geometry math lesson and complex lanterns for the Winter festival.


Class 5 lessons include athletics, gymnastics, swimming, mini Greek Olympics, dances and challenging activities on bushwalks and camps.