Class 1

The child is coming from Kindergarten, a world in which the consciousness is highly undifferentiated and the rhythm is strongly determined by the seasons and the festivals.

The change of teeth is a physical sign of the transition the class 1 child turning 7 years old is going through; certain parts of the life forces are being ‘freed up’ from the physical body to ‘awaken the head forces’.

The child still dwells in the dreaming consciousness and writing, reading and maths are introduced using a pictorial approach. This creative approach allows the gentle awakening of the independent thinking capacities that become a sound foundation for further developments. Everything the child learns is introduced on the principles of fairy tales and their magic, including the four kingdoms (earth, fire, earth and air), the world of the elementals and other forces of nature. This world of wonder resonates with the child.

Culturally the teacher refers to very early stages of civilization while geographically the familiar and immediate surroundings are explored.

Spacial awareness places an important role in the development of the children.


The first lesson starts with the straight and curved lines as preparation for writing and the students practice many form drawing exercises.

Class 1 is introduced to the Capital alphabet through stories and pictorial images. The children copy simple sentences from the stories the teacher tells. These stories are about the Dreaming, Ancient World Tales and their local surroundings.

Home Surrounds/Science

In Science lessons the children are introduced to basic mechanics, the four elements (fire, air, earth and water) and plant stories. Children learn about the local geography and aboriginal stories.

Math/Form Drawing/Geometry

Math in class 1 covers an introduction to Numbers 1-12, counting, grouping, Number Processes and Form Drawing.


Activities include skipping, climbing, throwing and catching, swimming, Eurythmy and cooperative and interactive games drawn from the imagination, gardening, sand and water play, sequences of hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping and running, rope jumping and skipping, balancing, bush walking, ball games, running-chasing-hiding games.


The Arts are incorporated in the Main Lessons as well as separate lessons. Children learn about colour harmony through drawing and wet on wet painting. They are introduced to playing the recorder, rhythm through movement and songs about the seasons, the local surrounds and Main Lesson subjects. Students perform drama/music productions.


Hand stitching, knitting, felting, weaving, wax modelling, using tools, making tools, like their own knitting needles.