Class 6

The students are turning 12 this year and their impulse is about gaining knowledge and understanding about the laws of the outer world.

The program of the year needs to reflect the gaining of knowledge of the material world around them.

To support the internal processes of consolidating and maturing, the children need to focus on the material world through science. In the physical subjects of Geology, Acoustics, Optics and Warmth the students are able to learn about physical laws.

The culture of Ancient Rome reflects the qualities of ‘empire building’ and development of law and order, not only scientifically, but also socially. For this reason it is studied by class 6 as it resonates with the student’s developmental stage.

The generative impulse is the Roman world. The twelve year old child is at a cross road between imagination, myths and legends of the former years and the development of the intellect. The Romans emphasised law, order and consequences. The rights and responsibilities of the individual and the right of each citizen to be heard at a fair trial. The student is able to delve into subjects on a deeper level, building on skills learnt in previous years.

The artistic presentation of content taught and learned is maintained to allow the flourishing of the connection of the external with the inner development.


The subjects of the History lessons are the study of Ancient Rome and Australian History

Class 6 English lessons include composition writing, history of literature, grammar rules, reporting and recording, poems and poetry writing.

Maths/Form Drawing/Geometry

Class 6 includes geometry and measurement, ratio and proportion, Business math, percentages and interest and Number and Algebra. Form Drawing is continued and often is used for illustrations in their Main Lesson Books.

Science/Home Surroundings/ Geography

This is an exciting year with subjects like Astronomy, Physics learning about Acoustics, Optics and Warmth. In the second Physics block students discover Static Electricity and Earth Magnetism. Geology is also a Study block and in the Australian History lesson students learn about geography of Australia.


Class 6 sports include abseiling, swimming, gymnastics, orienteering, athletics, circus games and ball games.


Students will continue with water colour painting including wet on dry and veil painting. Charcoal drawings will be introduced using perspective, pencil sketching and portrait drawings. The students will have dance, song writing and drama.


These are examples of activities students will pursue in this year: wood carving, mosaic making, felting boots, vest or hat, constructing and preserving natural habitat, water feature, gardening, flower garden, first aid, bread baking and using a sewing machine.